Monday, December 30, 2013

An Ode to my Husband of Eight Years

Eight years ago today, I married my favorite man on the face of the planet. I'm going to tell you why he's so great.

My man is fun. I've never known a more sophisticated 12-year-old in my entire life. He's quick to go sledding when it has iced, have a nerf gun war with his son and/or brother-in-laws, make a solo debut on Dance Dance Revolution to Katy Perry's "California Girls" in front of a room full of people, and dress like a yoddler in college to appease his girlfriend (now wife) for a sorority date party. I could never have married a man who took himself too seriously.

My man is bold. He is not afraid to take chances. He moved us to a town where we knew 3.5 people out of 100,000 after being married 7 months, was the first prosecutor in the state to take a gang injunction case to trial (and then we got an alarm system), and he ran and won a city government election. He could have failed at all of those and he would have been okay because to him, life is way too short to live in fear and complacency.

My man is loyal. Once a friend, always a friend to him. He won't forget your face (which is always awkward in the grocery story when he goes up and talks to them by name and it's very obvious that the person has no idea who this guy is.) Very, very rarely (like, I can probably name the times on one hand) have I heard him speak an undue cross word about someone. And his integrity is as strong as his loyalty.

My man has foresight. He can see the big picture when I am stressed about the small stuff. He plans for our retirement when I just want to go to Target.

My man loves his babies. He wrestles with them, teaches Grant how to fish, has campouts in the backyard in 35 degree weather, and tells him stories at night about "The Boy Who Shines Like a Star." He reads stories tosses Blair in the air and kisses her with the intent of teaching his 14-month-old daughter that she is loved, beautiful and important. He even picks up all 85 lbs. of lazy Scout when she refuses to get into the back of the car in public. 

My man loves me wrecklessly. He got up this morning with our kids because I have strep throat and felt too sick to get up. He encouraged me to go on vacation to the Dominican Republic this November with a girlfriend because "I needed a break." He still slaps me on the backside when he walks by even if I've been in my pajamas all day long and haven't showered yet. He sat in a shower behind me, fully clothed, as I labored hard for 3 hours with our second born, holding a steady stream of hot water on my lower back. He teared up as he listened to me sing at our Christmas Eve service. He has loyally stood by my side as I have faced unforeseen emotional sink holes in the past few years. He, without a doubt, is my knight-in-shining armor. 

My man loves Jesus big time. He trusts Him. He reads His word. He loves people BIG so they can see that Jesus' love is BIG. He studies the Man He is so he can become more like Him. He teaches our children about His Grace and Mercy. He lives boldly because he knows he is chosen and forever HIS.

Eight years ago tonight, we had our first dance as husband and wife. I thought about dancing to this song but thought, at a wise, ripe age of 22, that it was too boring. NOPE. It is perfectly beautiful describing the love my man and I have. It's nothing fancy but its real. It's nothing fancy but it's all I ever want. It's nothing fancy but it ours.

"Nothing Fancy" by Dave Barnes

There's nothing fancy 'bout the way I love you
There's nothing you could not find in any other man
There's nothing fancy 'bout the way I love you
But I love you as hard as I can.

There's no good reason for the way you love me
But you're my walking dream come true
There's no good reason for the way you love me
But I thank God that you do.

I don't know the perfect conversation
I don't know the way to turn a head
I don't know the perfect way to prove my love
But I know I'll love you 'til I'm dead.

There's nothing fancy 'bout the way I love you
It's as simple as the stars in the sky and the blue in the sea
There's nothing fancy 'bout the way I love you
But it sure is fancy how you love me.