Sunday, July 3, 2011

Indian Lake

Right now, I'm sitting on the second floor of my uncle and aunt's lake house on Michigan's Indian Lake watching my hot husband reel in a fish from the dock to a backdrop of beautiful blue water, a striped pink, gray and blue sky. I'm sun-kissed after sailing today with Ben. I can hear my mom laughing with my grandparents on the back porch. I see my aunt watering the flowers with my cousin. My child is asleep in his crib. It's the 3rd of July and people are already starting to shoot fireworks before it's dark in anticipation of celebrating our freedom tomorrow. I can almost hear Ray Charles sing "America, the Beautiful" just like it was played in "The Sandlot" while Benny, Squints and the boys were wrapping up their day playing ball.

Oh my gosh. Life is picture perfect today.

I grew up during the summers on this lake. The house used to be my grandparents summer home on my mom's side. Thank goodness we still have them around but now it's my uncle and aunt's lake house. I can't even express how thankful I am that the entire family is still wanted and welcome to come visit during the summer.

This place is my little corner of peace and serenity in this world. It's where I can think the clearest, talk to Jesus real honest, and smile the purest. It's comfort and beauty soften my heart a little. It's gotta look a touch like Heaven.

So today, I thank Him for my family, His beauty, and this little slice of Heaven that I'm experiencing on Earth. With all my heart, I hope you have your own Indian Lake.